Chandler Police Explorers

Explorer Events


The Chandler Police Explorers receive training on a weekly basis. This ranges from code work, policy, physical conditioning, defensive tactics, criminal law and more. In addition to this training, Chandler Explorers are provided an opportunity to attend Explorer Academies outside of the city. The training Explorers receive prepare them to be professional young adults as well as assist in the department, community and a career in law enforcement. Below are links to pictures taken at some of our training events!

Explorer Academy

Mobile Field Force

Coopers Test


Community Service

Chandler Explorers do a great deal of community service work. This includes supporting patrol officers by assisting the Quatermaster, working with Crime Prevention at block watch events and on ride-alongs assisting with paperwork and more. The Explorers also work major events within the city such as the Chandler Ostrich Festival. At these events, Explorers patrol in teams and are not only additional eyes and ears for the department, but increadible customer/community service representative for citizens in need of directions or assistance.

Fundraiser for fallen Detective, Carlos Ledesma


Though we host one of the best competitions around (Ok, perhaps THE best), our Explorers do not compete in the event. Thefore, we must travel a little to get the experience of engaging in some friendly competition with our peers. Truly getting there is half the fun, but the other half is the experience. Bringing home a trophy or two dosent hurt any either.

2010 Scottsdale (AZ) Police Competition

2010 Needles (CA) Colorado River Competition

2011 EX-CON Las Vegas (NV) Competition

Other Events

It canít be all work and no play! The CPD Explorers try to go out as a group, relax and enjoy some fun. Below are some pictures from our excursions.

SLP Fight For Life Benefit Run

Explorers California Vacation